Policy adviser & academic

I am an internationally recognised thought leader and speaker, writing about the implications of emerging technology on people, society, and business. I’ve appeared on The Today Programme (BBC4), the BBC World Service, Channel 4, NPR, and MTV.

My academic work ranges from papers and keynote speeches commissioned by organisations such as the Council of Europe, Ofcom, and the Hans-Bredow-Institut, to academic papers on law and identity.

My policy and academic work includes:

  • Council of Europe (Strasbourg) – Ministerial paper on the internet and the future of democracy
  • OECD (Paris) – Organised and hosted and a policy conference on online gaming
  • BEIS (London) – Advised on digital aspects of the Consumer Rights Act
  • New York Law School (NYC) – Organised and hosted a workshop in the future of law and identity
  • Hans-Bredow-Institut (Berlin) – Invited keynote speech to European content regulators for the
  • IEEE (US Naval Academy, Washington, DC) – Invited speech on the clinical use of computer games

I created a boutique think tank called the Virtual Policy Network (tVPN) to bring together government, academics, and industry. tVPN focuses on the social and ethical implications of emerging technologies such as social media, online games, and internet of thing (IoT). tVPN has had research commissioned by BIES, DCMS, Council of Europe, among others. I also host the podcast Social Change Technology.

If you need advice or research from someone who is equally familiar with the worlds of policy, technology, and academia, contact me today.